AB Hjärndöd – S/T (1986)

August 11:th 2013 – Some catchy tunes

AB Hjärndöd – S/T

Not On Label ‎– ‎- 1986 – Cassette

Face A MP3 192 kbps

Face A

AB Hjärndöd , translation “Braindead Inc” was from Uppsala which I can read on the inlay. As Patrik Wirén is the band I would assume it’s a recording around 1986. I believe he is a large fan of Imperiet / Thåström. This is the same Patrik Wirén who later fronted Misery Loves Co in’s the 90. He also wrote in the magazine Gaffa.

Check the images below for song titles etc, just click on the images below to expand them to higher resolution. The B-side of the tape got the same recording as the A-side.

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