Defiance – Live in Warsaw (1995)

October 22:nd 2012 – Live tape

Defiance – Live in Warsaw

Lagart Factory Lóblin– NPT-004 – 1995

Face B MP3 128 kbps

Defiance from Portland (USA), was formed in 1993 with members of Anarcho-punk bands like Deprived, Resist and Unamused. If you of some reason have not heard about them – read more on wiki

This tape contains the first EP’s on side A (which You got to buy as there is no MP3 clips). On the B-side however – there is a live recording from Warsaw (Poland) on September 15:th 1995.

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  1. Punk Number 6

    Thank you!
    I love the first two EPs and No Future No Hope

    • the editor

      Cool. Great also you have the EP’s. With repsect of the band that the income that still comes from selling records I decided as you noticed to only put out clips for the live show. It great right – any audio is good too….

  2. Punk Number 6

    I think they still do releases so you can support them . They had a new record and a best of album last year.
    Kelly the bass player later moved to germany for a while and played in two very cool german bands named Cluster Bomb Unit and Murder Disco X .

  3. Martin

    Loves these guys since I saw them in Sweden in 95(?). Got a bunch of their first 7inches as well as the first LP. Bought one of their later LPs a few years ago, and was pretty surprised that they were still active, and sounded pretty much the same. Remember how much fun we had when we realized that the guitar player (?) looked A LOT like Indy’s (from Massgrav) dad.

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  5. Vince

    thank you, the flac version would be really appreciated if you can bring it! 🙂

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