Another Kick In The Balls – Female Compilation Tape (1988)

October 10:th 2012 – Early recordings

Another Kick In The Balls – Female Compilation Tape

Total Noise Tapes – TNT No:OK – 1988

Face A

Face B

Both files MP3 128 kbps

This is an international compilations tape with bands with female members. It’s punk but also metal and more. Some really awesome bands. Figure out for yourself.

With Misanthropic Charity, Burning Bush, Verdun, Wench, GNX GNX, Pin Prick, Destroy the Boy, Bad Influence, Lego’s, Mimmis, Pink Turds In Space and Alptraum Fucktor

Click on the images to expand the higher resolution.


  1. Ray Peterson

    Hello. Can I get flac files for this great comp please?

    • the editor

      Hello, we have removed the FLAC as it slows down the server and we don’t have enought space. Sorry

  2. Biteme02

    Hello, may i ask about any other stuff on gnx gnx, nothing found on google

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