Dom Inteligens Befriade – S/T (1985)

December 15th 2013 – Awesome punk rock from mid-Sweden

Dom Inteligens Befriade – S/T

Not On Label ‎– ‎– 1985 – Cassette

Side 1 / Side 2 MP3 320 kbps

FLAC files not available

Dom Inteligens Befriande was a surprisingly good punk rock band. When it was released I thought it was shit, but I was young and too cool for punk-rock at that time. The address on the tape is to Färila in the Hälsningland region (Sweden). I have noted that this tape exist both in this version but also with printed tapes. Paul “Bojjan” Stenström wrote the music and the lyrics. He was earlier in Svea Rikes Hjältar, a tape I got that will be posted at time. On Mikael Sörling’s site “Turist I Tillvaron” it’s mentioned that the inspirations for the band was Crass, Billy Bragg and Hüsker Dü. Make sense. That Bojjas fave band was Dödsknarkarna from Handen is also interesting.

The band had a few songs on Peter Punks (Uppsala) Tapes With Danger compilation, will post that comp at some time also

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  1. Tommy

    Tror visst filerna tillhör Dom Där tapen….

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