Cruel Tape 003 – Flygande Chipspåsarna / Captial Scum / Instigators (1986)

July 16 2014 – Flygande Chipspåsarna on one tape

Cruel Tape 003 – S/T

Cruel Tape – 003 – 1986 – Cassette

Side 1 MP3 320 kbps

Side 2 MP3 320 kbps

What’s this? – well it’s compilation tape 003 by Cruel Tape. Swedish punks in the 80’s just have to do the math to realize that the dudes behind Cruel Maniax from Fagersta, Sweden, is behind this tape. I also believe that neither Flygande Chipspåsarna, nor Capital Scum (Belgium) or Instigators (Germany) is aware of this tape. When I send an image to Danne Paulsson, notorious Ramones-fan but also the vocalist of Flygande Chipspåsarna he replied: Where the hell did you find that?

Flygande Chipspåsarna

Image to the left: Flygande Chipspåsarna.

This is tape which contains most recordings of the band with the most ridiculous name in Sweden. Flygande Chipspåsarna translates into The flying Crips bags. Luckily the music is far better than the name. Danne (vox) and Joppe on bass discovered punk already back in 1978. Initially the band Bennyz Flint was formed together with Beach on guitar and Nutte on drums. With no experience on any instrument the lousiest musician was kicked out (Beach) and Nicklas Bernstrup of Snorleif was requited on the vacant guitar position. In 1984 they played under the name of Bennyz Flint. Later the name was changed, now with Stefan Georgsson was added on drums. He had experience from bands like Agda Anal, Swankers PMS and Existenz. After getting a rotten egg in his face on his fourth gig the guitarist younger brother Tobias Bernstrup started to play drums. With this line-up the band from Ängelholm in Sweden made some 7 – 8 gigs, among them supporting Stockholms Negrer (1985) and Asta Kask in 1986 (both gigs in their hometown. They also played at the Glädjetågsfestival in Helsingborg in 1986 together with Bristles D.C and at the Tullakroksfestivalen in Ängelholm again with Asta Kask and Köttgrottorna. That was the last gig.

Danne was made Asocial Faninze together with Fredda on Chickenbrain records. Danne was also involved in the label.

The band discogs are quite short. They were on the compilation tape Delirium Tremens DT 2 and this tape. Some funny facts – Tobias Bernstrup is well known in the subculture, travelling around playing obscure eurodisco in weird clothing – check him up!

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Inlay and Cassette

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