Disrespect – Demo (198?)

November 19th 2013 – Obscyre grind metal

Disrespect – Demo

Not On Label ‎– ‎– 198? – Cassette

Audio not availabe MP3 192 kbps

FLAC available on request

I don’t know much more about this Sollentuna (north of Stockholm, Sweden) band than they have been hailed to have the largest spikes in Stockholm and that they used to play in Groteska Taskar.

Listening on their grind-metal fronted by Tommy Wahlman and checking out their Septic Death and DRI the band have for sure developed into an even more extreme direction and “hardcore” as stated on the fold-out sleeve does not seem relevant. And what the hell is going is the second song about? I have no idea what year this demo was released.

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Fold out


  1. Tommy

    Hmm….it’s not even Disrespect on this tape, someone have recorded some random stuff on it, so i hope you didin’t pay too much for it! If you want i could send you the real stuff. The actual tape were recorded 86-87 and called “Elevator Music From Hell”. Also i could send you a copy of the Legal Abuse zine.

  2. the editor

    Thanx, I was very very very confused about this tape. No I got it for free. The other side is metal too…

  3. Tommy

    Haven’t seen the cover on this one for many years so that was a Little cool tho! Any chance for the Ettackord tape soon??

  4. the editor

    The Ett Ackord tape will be posted soon, Have sent a few qustions to the band as I don’t know which year it is from

  5. Yriy

    Tommy! Do you still have legal abuse zine??? I looking for it a lot of time!
    Contact me please! ripys2@yahoo.com

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