Groteska Taskar / Fiasko – Demo (1984)

November 16th 2013 – The smell of rehearsal studio

Groteska Taskar / Fiasko – Demo

Noice Not Music ‎– KASSETT 1 ‎– 1984 – Cassette

Groteska Taskar / Fiasko MP3 192 kbps

FLAC available on request

Ah, that smell of kids in a rehearsal studio thrashing guitars, screaming their lungs off and blasting their drums: out of tune, stereotyped barre chords, but filled with energy and anger. The audio-quality of this rehearsal tape can be debated but it is the hardcore sound of my youth: sitting in a rehearsal with a recent formed band. These two gangs were from Stockholm and the tape is gift which came with the following letter from Groteska Taskar (translation Grotesque Dicks):

Hello, as you asked we were actually on the legendary compilation tape: BCT “I thrash, therefore I am”. It all started back in 1983. Johnny, Werner, Tommy and Bosse decided to leave their criminal carriers in Sollentuna (Stockholm, Sweden) and play punk instead. We met two punks from Upplands Väsby that also wanted to play in a punk band so it ended up in two bands: Groteska Taskar and Fiasko. The first rehearsals were in an old house provided by the city. That’s where this tape was recorded. The house was shared with other bands and a guy from the liberal party who got “honored” with a song (Hans Tengér) due to a conflict related to a lamp? if I remember it correctly. We did some gig in the Stockholm area among other with Mob 47, the Krixhjälters and Aggressive. A year later the band split up and Keja, Tommy, Thomas and Johnny formed Disrespect, but that is another story.

Check the images below for song titles etc, just click on the images below to expand them to higher resolution.


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  1. Chans för någon sorts låtlista?

    • the editor

      It seems like the tapes does not hold any songs by the band!

  2. Tommy


    1. Tänk Själv
    2. Soldat
    3. Snutstat
    4. Hans Tegner
    5. S.P.D.
    6. Hjärntvätt Med Videå
    7. Ljuskenets Mat
    8. Förbjud Förbud
    9. Sexuellt Övergrepp
    10. Varför?
    11. Våld
    12. Spöad

  3. Tommy


    1. Jag Vill Inte Dö
    2. Slipstvång
    3. KDS
    4. Data E Skit
    5. Religion
    6. Kungen O Silvia
    7. Regeringen
    8. En Annan Dag
    9. Slaskfitta

  4. the editor

    I would love to hear it, sadly the tape seems to have some South American grind on it! Someone have possible overdubbed the tape at some time.

  5. the editor

    Don’t mind. It is the right tape. I am confused and wrote comments about another tape. Sorry!

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