Sadistic Gang Rape ‎– Massdevastation (1992)

May 30 2015 – Cool girls

Sadistic Gang Rape ‎– Massdevastation

Not On Label – – 1992 – Cassette

Full Tape MP3 320 kbps

I just had to post this tape. These 3 girls stated out as Sadistic Gang Rape but changed their name into Society Gang Rape a couple of years later. Even more strange, as many of the hardcore acts from the region (the band was from Avesta, Sweden) went from hardcore to metal, these girls went from metal to hardcore. This release was followed by More Dead Than Alive. They put out a couple of CD’s and one or two splits. For shows and recording they used session drummer, most commonly the drummer of Uncurbed.

This tape is really out of scope for this site but as there are no rips available, I had to post it.

Again, one of the tapes I used to own but have not seen in 20 years. The reason is that the promoter lost the majority of the 100 tapes. As I was able to hunt him down he handed over a copy to me, great guy. Thanks Daniel E.

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Inlay and Cassette

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