Afflicted Convulsion ‎– Beyond Redemption (1990)

December 20 2014 – Stockholm Death-grind

Afflicted Convulsion ‎– Beyond Redemption

Not On Label ‎– – 1990 – Cassette

4 song demo MP3 320 kbps

Followers of this site might have noticed that almost all tapes on this site are Swedish hardcore bands from the 80s. However – on occasions we sneak in a death metal demo, certainly from the golden years (prior 1993).

Afflicted Convulsion was from Stockholm, Sweden, and put out a demo in 1989 “Toxic Existence” followed by this in 1990. It’s really brutal grind / death stuff. It was the last release with Martin Holm on vocals. The band later changed name to Afflicted, now with a new vocalist (Joakim Bröms).

This is the first demo ripped with my new Nakamichi CR-4E. I got friends who complain about the sound of old demos. I believe one of the reasons is that they use old cassette decks from the mid-80 that have not been cleaned or demagnetized in 30 years. However, this got ripped with my “new” Nakamichi CR-4E, Japanese technology that does magic to old tapes.

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Front of inlay and the tape

Rear of inlay and the tape

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