Kloak Skrål Nr ETT and Nr TVÅ (1983)

September 15:th 2012 – Two Kloak A A S tapes

Kloaken Alternativa Antistudio in Töreboda recorded shitload of Swedish punk bands. Here is two compilation tapes with rare recordings (with Anti-Cimex among other). True Swedish punk classics.

I was never happy with these rips as they were done by my old Pioneer CT-W300 which played to slow and had too low fidelity. Today (Sep 6 2014) the Kloak Skrål Nr ETT have been ripped using one of my lovely Nakamichi BX-300-E. A fantastic tripple head machine. It sound awesome.

Kloaken Alternativa Antistudio ETT

Kloaken Alternativa Antistudio – – 1983

Face A (MP3 192 kbps)

Face B (MP3 192 kbps)

Tracklist Face A 1 Dead Corruption – Proud To Be Punk, 2 Dead Corruption – USA, 3 Dead Corruption – Bresnjev, 4 DNA –Heureka, 5 DNA – Psykisk Tortyr, 6 DNA – Arbetsskygg, 7 Diablesse Grupp 6 Den Vita Löparen, 8 Diablesse Grupp 6 Våldtäkt, 9 Diablesse Grupp 6 Född I Farstun, 10 -Rated – Häng Dom Högt

Tracklist Face B 1 Product Assar – Robotar Lever, 2 Product Assar – Dom Tar Våra Liv, 3 – Product Assar – Regeringen, 4 Asta Kask – Ringhals Brinner, 5 Asta Kask – Mänsklig Existens, 6 Asta Kask – Folkmelodi, 7 Anti Cimex – En Död Soldat, 8 Anti Cimex – Jordens Undergång, 9 X-Rated – Smartan

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Kloaken Alternativa Antistudio TVÅ

Kloaken Alternativa Antistudio – – 1983

Face A

Face B

Bands on face A – Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels aka E.A.T.E.R, Nyx Negativ and Bristless

Bands on face B – Gunner Zide, Avskum, Sune Studs & Grönlandsrockarna, Sixten Redlös and Svea Skandal

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