D.T.A.L – “Time To Die” EP complete session 1984 (With 10 tracks) (1984)

July 13 2014 – 4 extra songs

D.T.A.L – “Time To Die” EP complete session 1984 (With 10 tracks)

Not On Label – – 1984 – Cassette

Full tape MP3 320 kbps

This site has earlier written more about the D.T.A.L EP A Beautiful Day (1985). This tape holds the full session of the recording of Time To Die (1984) with additional 4 tracks, totally 10 tracks. I have been waived that there is an 11 track version as well circulating. I would also like to know the name of track 7 to 10 if anyone knows.

D.T.A.L also made an LP in 1989 which was never released. It’s more in a speed metal – thrash vein. It got track-listing: The gathering / Rot in hell / The church upon the moor / Don’t fear the winter / The recall of the Helios / Arise / The calm before the storm / Blackstorm / The flight from Mordor / The darkest hour.


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for this ripp…

    Ok, I just listened to this great session… So, here’s the tracklist : 1. Time to die (From the 1st 7″) / 2. Fuckin nappe (From the 1st7″) / 3. Doomsday (From the 1st7″) / 4. Human or refuse (From the 1st 7″) / 5. ? (1st unreleased track – It’s great and a few more melodic) / 6. ? (2nd unreleased track – It’s an excellent fast mid tempo track with a really hooked chorus – The tittle could be “democracy” or “oi!”. A funny track / 7. ? (3rd unreleased track. It’s short fast and wild, excellent, tittle could be “No War” / 8. ? (4th unreleased track. It’s also wild and fast, exactly in the same vein than the tracks featuring on the 1st 7″ / 9. Starving (From the 1st 7″) / 10. mistake (From the 1st 7″).

  2. Per

    About 20+ years ago I got a mixtape from a then friend. This tape had a few songs from the unreleased LP (rot in hell, don’t fear the winter and a few more). The tape is long gone (worn out!) and I lost contact with this guy who apparently knew D.T.A.L. very well (he came from the same town before moving here, and then moved again). To make a long story short, is there any chance of you posting this unreleased LP? Please? Pretty please?

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