R.T.S / Asocial – Kassett EP (1984)

September 6:th 2012 – RTS – surprisingly good

R.T.S / Asocial – Kassett EP

Really Fast Cassette – RFC 24- – 1984

♬ Face A R.T.S 320 kbps

♬ Face B Asocial 320 kbps

Face A / Face B

Updated December 18th 2013 with better rips from my Nakamichi cassette deck.

There are shit-loads of recordings with Asocial even though there is a couple of new songs here. They are awesome as usual. More interesting is R.T.S or Red-Tape Thrash Survey. I believe this was a Mjölby (Sweden) based band. The members were (but I’m not sure of the exact line-up on this recording) Patrik “Really Fast” Jonsson (Bass) Magnus Jonsson (Drums) and Patrik Sjösten (Guitar and Vocals). Not on this tape however. They ended up in a bunch of other bands, Patrik in Raped Teenagers. Patrik Jonsson is one of the Really Fast guys. See more on Really Fast here. Magnus was in S.O.D.

Click on the images to expand the higher resolution. There are tapes where the labels as been cut diagonal as well, 100% legit.

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