Chaos Cassette No 1 – Eater/ Incharge – Split (1983)

May 20th 2014 – Great early recordings

Chaos Cassette No 1 – Eater/ Incharge – Split

Chaos Cassette – Nr 1 – 1983 – Cassette

Face A – INCHARGE MP3 320 kbps

Face B – EATER MP3 320 kbps

I often get the questions, why do you collect all those shitty sounding punk tapes? I can admit that some of them does not sound so great, in many cases the recording was bad back in the 80’s and after 30 years some of the tapes will sound even worse due to loss of magnetism. I got a couple of things to my defense. First of all, the tapes are cultural artifacts and the idea of a physical product attract me. It real in some way. I also like the cool layout and the feeling to actually put a tape into a cassette player and sit in my sofa with the fold out my hands and read about the tape and the band. The other thing is that have invested in good cassette decks as I own two triple head Nakamichi decks and one standard head Nakamichi deck. Well maintained, these machines make miracles to old tapes.

EATER or E.A.T.E.R is one of my favorite Swedish HC act from the early 80’s. Their Doomsday Troops – 5-Spårs E.P is a must have for anyone who like pre 87 Swedish HC. On this tape the songs are in Swedish. Incharge was from Grums and this is their only release. They started in 1982 as Sven Tempes Balle, later Kanser and finally Incharge. They shared the drummer, Gröten with E.A.T.E.R.. This tape was made in 100 copies.

This demo split is based on recordings that the bands did at the Kloakens Studio in 1983. Of course with Mikael Blomqvist from Asta Kask as sound engineer. This studio recorded a lot of the early Swedish hardcore acts.

The quality if this tape is not the best after 29 years of storage. Click on the images to expand the higher resolution.

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