Disrupters – Self Rule (1985)

May 11 2014 – Well, not from Sweden

Disrupters – Self Rule (1985)

Survivor Tapes – Sur 009 – 1985 – Cassette

Side A MP3 320 kbps

Side B MP3 320 kbps

I was checking out a box of tapes in a Stockholm record store and quickly grapped this tape. I noticed it was released by a Tony Sundstrand of Sala, Sweden. He is the dude who put out his own band Project X on Survivors Tape. I thought this was another project of him but quickly realized that this is the anarcho-punk act Distrupters of Norwich, UK. – I guess this is some kind of fan-made bootleg.

Well, I made a rip so there it is!

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Inlay and Cassette

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