Distrust – A Dream of Peace (1983)

September 7:th 2012 – With Kenneth “Dåren” Wiklund

Distrust – A Dream of Peace

DIS CASSETTES – DIS-002 – 1983 – Cassette

Face A

Face B

Face A / Face B

Updated December 1st 2013 with better rips from my Nakamichi deck.

Swedish Distrust was headed by Kenneth “Dåren” Wiklund and was also linked to Asocial. “Dåren” (the Maniac) continued with bands like Centinex, Visions, Ångest, Hatred, BTD but also Uncurbed. And of course Tompa or Asocial helped out with the recording.

This is the second demo from Distrust (I believe) This tape is in good quality – whist the original recording is somewhat noisy. Great stuff anyhow!!! This tape was later released as a vinyl bootleg. The best song as I see it is Döds-staff which is a live song from club Bunkern.

This band also feature Håkan Aspnäs who also managed the DIS-CASSETTE label. One of my current project is to try to figure out the total DIS-CASSETTE discography.

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  1. Håkan Aspnäs

    Dis-Cassette, Dis-Tapes, Dis-Records

    Dis 001
    “No war no more vol 1”
    w Kurt i kuvös, Asocial, Distrust & B.T.D.

    Dis 002
    Distrust – A dream of peace

    Dis 003
    “No war no more vol 2”
    w S.S.G, Booze boys, Distrust, Kurt i kuvös & Asocial

    Dis 004
    Naked – Land of death

    Dis 005
    Asocial & Distrust – Live at International youth centre

    Dis 006
    Svart Parad – Myteri

    Dis 007
    “No more bondage”
    w A touch of hysteria, Faction, Subhumans, Blood & roses,
    Paranoid visions & Svart parad

    Dis 008
    Svart parad – Multisvält

    Asocial – Det bittra slutet

  2. Håkan Aspnäs

    That was Dis-Cassette, Dis-Tapes, Dis-Records and soon there will be DisRec-Records in late 2015…

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