GBG-Punx – The Ultimate Experience (1985)

September 16:th 2012 – Gothenburg tribute band

GBG-Punx – The Ultimate Experience

GEMEN – 001 – 1985

Face A

Face B

GBG-Punx was formed in 1982 and mainly played Gothenburg (GBG) punk covers. A quite local thing! The first line up was 6-10 on guitar, Skit-Lasse on bass and Christer on drums. The first vocalist was Lasse from BMM but after one gig Senap (who wrote a post on this on the web – which I stole) took the microphone. A few gigs was made. Some years later GBG-Punx started again [webpage]. They also made a tape called Kramgo Låtar which I would love to borrow .

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  1. Bill Rizer

    Hi! Amazing site keep with it, I’m fan of recorded on tape swedish punk/hardcore form 80’s so you archive makes great joy for me. As vinyls. Thank you!
    Also, Side B link sends to Side A.

  2. the editor

    Thanks, so some actually listen to the tapes, ha ha. I have fixed side B.

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