No War No More Vol 1 . Compilation tape (1983)

September 4:th 2012 – 4 great bands

No War No More Vol 1 – Compilation tape – (1983)

DIS-CASSETTES – DIS 001 – 1983

Full tape

With four bands : Kurt i kuvös, Asocial, Distrust, B.T.D.

Updated Decemer 27, 2015 with better rips and images of the mini-booklet.

At occations I get the questions why I collect these tapes! First of all – I love the format itself as I see it as a cultural artifact, second – I believe it important to document the tapes, both the sound and the images, but more important, the music is great.

I have been looking for the first demo by Distrust, but I never had found it or seen it. After contacting Håkan Aspenäs of both Distrust and the label manager of DIS Tapes, I was informed that the first demo is on this compilation so there is no separate first demo. Thanks, mystery solved!!!

This is a killer compilation. You will all get it as I listen to it; on one file – and you have to live with about 10db lower sound on one of the channel. It’s not a recording for headphones, ha ha!!!

First out is Kurt i Kuvös from Skänninge Sweden. It had Staffan Fagerberg in the band who also was involved in the Really Fast label. After that three bands that had several members in common: Asocial, Distrust and B.T.D, (Benny, Tommy and Dåren). For sure the best band on this compilation (and the others are killers as well). Dåren is no other than Kenneth “Dåren” Wiklund, who was in Distrust as well, however not at the same time. He have also played in Asocial and later the mighty thrashers Hatred and followed by Centinex and Uncurbed.

This compilation came with a small booklet. Like most booklets that came with tapes, most copies are gone. For records, inserts and booklets tend to stay with the sleeve whilst they are harder to keep and store for tapes.

I could wish a better audio quality on this tape but is close to 30 years old. Click on the images to expand the higher resolution.



Booklet, page 1

Booklet, page 2

Booklet, page 3

Booklet, page 4


  1. Jeff

    Thank you for the information. I’m researching Asocial’s music history and find this fascinating. It’s just a personal hobby. Thank you again.

  2. Röd

    Vilken misär. Lyckan av tron om att ha ett komplett exemplar krossad

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