Sauna – Ei Leiki (1991)

February 20:th 2013 – Single Sided Tape

Sauna – Ei Leiki

Crash Mag Records‎ – – 1991

Face A MP3 128 kbps

Face A

Despite the title this is a Swedish band, from Kalmar I believe. They made a split with Disrupt (USA) a couple of years later.

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  1. Maths Bertell

    Det ska väl vara Ei Leiki dvs Bastu leker inte (på samma sätt som Svart Snö körde med Musta Lumi – ei leikki)?

    • the editor


  2. Luc

    Still have the original tape, I used to write to Pjär at the time (he later joined 3-Way Cum). This demo is much better than the split LP IMO.

  3. Swedish ghost

    There is also a 3 songs unreleased 7″ep (only test pressings made)

  4. the editor

    Would love to find that! Do you know anyting more about it?

  5. Martin

    I think I have another demo by them somewhere, will see if I can find it if you’re interested.

    • the editor

      We are interested!

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