Få Framtida Tilbake – Compilation (1985)

October 7:th 2012 – An International compilation tape

Få Framtida Tilbake – Compilation

Humbug Tapes – 005 – 1985

Face A MP3 128 kbps

Face B MP3 128 kbps

International punk compilation tape (Få Framtida Tilbake means Get the future back) issued by the Norwegian label Humbug Tapes. A Bunch of interesting bands. With Sista Dagars Helvete, Capital Scum, A/B Hjerntvett, Scapegoats, Landssvik, US Distress, Svart Hvitur Draumur, Section 5, Heimat-los, Moskwa, Cronic Submission, Angor Wat, Kromozon 4, Vicious Cripple, Krigsropet, Flesh D-vice, the Headsmen, Snobbslakt, Mob 47, Abaddon and Total Armsvett..

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