Scurvy – Demo 1 (2000)

February 1st 2014 – Deathgrind?

Scurvy ‎– Demo 1

Not on Label – – 2000 – Cassette

Full tape (mp3 320 kbps)

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I don’t know if Death-grind is a genre but it fits quite well on these bunch of maniacs. The Swedish death metal scene with late 80’s origin in Stockholm was for me the musical Savior; mainstream went grunge and part of the hardcore scene was full of police officers setting up rules to be followed. Despite appreciating the development outside Stockholm, like the the more melodic Gothenburg sound of Death Metal, my heart was always closer to, in my view , the more brutal Stockholm sound.

A lot of these bands had names that for Swedes require a dictionary to understand. For the for you Swedes reading this article; Scurvy translates into “Skörbjugg”. The band is from Upplands Väsby, north of Stockholm, Sweden. The Johan on guitar is Johan Wallin who was for a period in General Surgery, the excellent Carcass tribute band. So what is this tape? Well – as the ones who have followed this site have noted, we mainly post Up-North hardcore tapes as this is what the editor collect. He is also collecting Up-North Death Metal and Black Metal and occasionally some really great tapes will be posted. This is such a tape. The first demo with the three dudes of Scurvy is brutal and awesome. Some might have opinions on the high pitch “Donald Duck” back-up vocals on track two and onwards; some will find it ridiculous, I find it brilliant. Enjoy!!

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Fold-out, front

Fold-out, rear

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