Fetvadd International Tape 1

September 17:th 2012 – A great Swedish compilation

Fetvadd International Tape 1

Fetvadd – – 198?

Face A

Face B

Fetvadd was a fanzine based in Tranås Sweden by Löken (Rövsvett) and his friends. Some 8 fanzines was made and about the same number of tapes. This is an international tape.

Bands face A : Stupids (England), Apognosis (Greece), Herraids (Sweden), MG 15 (Spain), Geøspel (Holland), Terveet Kädet (Finland), Inferno (West Germany)

Bands face B : Civil Dissidents (Australia), No Lip (Japan), Scapegoats (West Germany), Upset Noise (Italy), Rapt (France), Diatribe (USA)

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  1. Mar from Diatribe here, we as a band don’t have a copy of this great comp tape…would anyone be able to dub a copy for us?

    • the editor

      I will check if we got the FLAC files and you can download them and make your own tape….. Nice hearing from you guys by the way

  2. Finally found one for a reasonable price…cheers!

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