Strebers – EP (1986)

October 26 2014 – Raw and catchy

Stebers – EP

Not On Label – – 1986 – Cassette

Full demo MP3 320 kbps

Songs: Bli en maskin / Cell 43 / No more of that / Jag é en nolla / Meningslöst liv / Balansgång

In Sweden I think every punk know about Stebers. This gang from Strängnäs took the Asta Kask melodic hardcore (not Trall you idiots!!) and cultivated it. Formed in 1985 as a trio with Micke “Ulke” Johansson (vox, guitar), Pelle Pettersson (bass) and Johnny “JR” Rydh (drums). The band put out records as yearly as 1985 but changed into into Six Guns, now with Fredrik “Ztikkan” Blomberg on bass. I believe that Micke Blomqvist from Asta Kask played in the band for a while. Eventually Stebers attracted a lot of fans, partly because of the catchy songs, some of them using components for traditional Swedish melodies, but partly because they did hell of a shows back then. Stebers was very, very fun to see live. After the tragic death of the drummer “JR” the band left Strieber’s behind and the very successful Die Palma was formed. Now with Fredrik “Ztikkan” Blomberg from Death-Thrashers Merciless on drums.

I had the fortune so see Die Psalm playing this autumn at an outdoor event in a show which included an additional set with Stebers – awesome.

This is to my knowledge the first demo of Stebers. It was later released with another sleeve. Enjoy!

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Inlay and Cassette

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