Kill For Peace! – Compilation Tape

January 13:th 2013 – European mid 80’s sampler

Kill For Peace! – Compilation Tape

Without Renown-Tapes – – 198?

Face A MP3 128 kbps

Face B MP3 128 kbps

Face A Face B

Internatial punk compilation tape issued by Björn Brauer in Hamburg Germany.

With Indirekt (Holland), Peinlich Unlimited (Germany?), Extrem (Austria), Heimatlos (France), Challanger Crew (Germany), Dum Spiro Spero ( ??? ), Emils (Germany), The Ewings (Germany), Kina ( ??? ), The Ruminants ( ??? ) and Circle of Sig Tiu (Germany)

I beleive there is an insert for this one, but this copy lack one!

Click on the images to expand the higher resolution.

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