Skrumplever – Dömda Till Döden (1986)

November 26th 2013 – Mid 80’s Borås punk

Skrumplever – Dömda Till Döden

Sue Ellen Tapes ‎– 001-86 ‎– 1986 – Cassette

Side 1 / Side 2 MP3 192 kbps

FLAC files will be uploaded on request

Textile-city Borås in Sweden (east of Gothenburg) have had an un-proportional share of punk bands. I believe much thanks to the club “Rockborgen” who housed a lot of bands. It’s also here you will find a bunch of bands with quite filthy and sexist lyrics of some reason. Skrumplever is not of the later however. On this demo you will find 4 melodic punk rock songs, quite typical for the mid-80’s – Enjoy!!.

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