Rea Respirator ‎– Släpp Loss Alla Band (1986)

November 21th 2013 – A Löken / Grehn combo

Rea Respirator ‎– Släpp Loss Alla Band

Fetvadd ‎– FETVADD TAPE 2 ‎– 1986 – Cassette

Side 1 / Side 2 MP3 192 kbps

FLAC available on request

I don’t know what they put in the water in the Tranås / Linköping / Skänninge / Finspång region in Sweden (between Stockholm and Gothenburg) but there were myriads of hardcore bands there in the 80’s. A wild guess is that Löken (Rövsvett) was in at least a third of them.

The research on this band is quite simple as guitarist have the fully story on his personal web-page. For you who don’t understand Swedish, here the story. Fredde and Palle Rosén formed Nerv Kollaps in which Palle did the drumming. This was in Transås back in 1983. As none of them actually could play the band was abandoned for Skrupulös Sangvinisk in which Fredde’s brother Magnus Grehn on was added on bass. The band was around 1985 re-christened Rea Respirator as Mikael “Löken” Karlsson was added for vocals. This is the first demo, a second was made but apparently never released.

Löken and Magnus continued with 16 Blåsare utan hjärna and Fredde with Palimpsest. Fredde was also behind the zine Byt Ben. This release is on Fetvadd which was both a zine and a tape label. It was managed by Mangus and Löken.

This release came with a small sticker as well, pictured below.

Check the images below for song titles etc, just click on the images below to expand them to higher resolution.


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  1. Igor

    REA RESPIRATOR “Släpp Loss Alla Band” + Second demo 1986 tape reissue, 15 songs of the fast Swedish 80s hardcore, remastered from original tracks and professionally dubbed; featuring members of Rovsvett, 16 B.U.H and Herraids and playing in the same vein, just a little faster, similar to early D.R.I, MOB 47, NEOS, S.O.D (Sweden) and early G-ANX!, permission by the band members. This is a masterpiece of the Swedish 80s hardcore history, classic Svenska hardcore killer!
    OUT NOW ON AFTERMATH TAPES FROM CROATIA! Limited to 100 tapes (white), the price is 4 bucks wholesale (5 tapes minimum) +shipping or 6 bucks for 1 tape.

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