Potas – Basta Ya!!! – Demo (1987)

September 29:th 2012 – Spanish HC demo

Potas – Basta Ya!!!

– – 1987

Face A

Face B

I honestly don’t know more than what is written on the tape. The band is from Burgos (between Madrid and Bilbao) and delivers a bunch of 1 minute tracks. Anyone who know anything about this band?

This release comes with a sticker. Click on the images to expand the higher resolution.


  1. eskupe al alkalde

    Potas were as amazing as scruffy band from Burgos. They were a very active and idealistic band, you could read their opinions and interviews with them in tons of Spanish fanzines from the eghties.
    They were a total hardcore supporters and their lyrics attacked the system, vivisection, drugs, conformism.
    I´ve never met them but we have common friends and the say that these three guys were really cool people, always encouraging the hardcore scene from their small town. They shared practice room with Ultimo Gobierno.
    One year after this demo they recorded a second one, but this demo was never released. The recording has a diferent and less raw sound.
    Some members formed La Grima, not hardcore band at all but with a “rocker” sound.
    Anyway, in my opinion this demo is one of the most important hardcore tapes in the Spanish hardcore history, thanks for the post.
    Eskupe al alkalde zine

  2. Patxi

    Hi everyone,
    of course I know something about this band!! I am Patxi, singer and bass player of Potas band. I am reallly impress with your comment!! It was a great surprise to find out that a swedish punk fancine had published some news about the band. It was also surprising to realize that they were interesting in our musical career.
    If anyone wanted to know more about the band I was really delighted to shared my memories about this incredible time.
    This is my email address jvinilos@hotmail.com.
    Thanks a lot to Swedish Punk Fancine for keeping the punk alive and specially to eskupe al alkalde fancine for their amazing comment about Potas!!!

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