Svenska Spelmanslag 1 (1984)

September 17:th 2012 – Great Swedish compilation

Svenska Spelmanslag 1

ÄGG-Tapes – ÄGG12 – 1984

Face A

With Avskum, Snobb-slakt, Badsvamp, Moderat Likvidation, Råttgift, Kurt i Kuvös, Global Pandemonia and Subway Army

Face B

With Subway Army, Original Sin, Svea Skandal, Bristless, P.G.S. Frenetisk Agoni, and Puke

This is an awesome Swedish compilation with good audio quality. I love the usage of the Swedish word Råpunk which was used before we got hardcore in the Swedish vocabulary. Here you will find some rare recordings as well. Ägg Tapes & Records made 20 or tapes and vinyls and CD’s – Still active. Kent “Ägget” Berntsen was behind this label. Thank you for that!

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  1. Irlan Santos

    Grande registro punk. Raw fuckin punks!

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