Rattus – Khomeini-Rock (1980)

November 17:th 2012 – First cut from Rattus

Rattus ‎– Khomeini-Rock

Hilipili Records – HIS 01 – 1980- 7″

There is an excellent overview of Rattus on their web-page. On the web-page they write that all the 200 copies for this 7″ were sold, not because of popularity, but more like support or pity.
The grand dame of Finnish punk and hardcore, Rattus was formed by (short version) Jake (Vox, Guitar) and Vellu (Drums) and Jakes brother Tomppa (Bass) joined soon. The year was 1978 in the small city of Vilppula some 60 kilometer northeast of Tampere.

Their first release came 1980 and it was Khomeini-Rock which contains two songs ♬ Khomeini-Rock and ♬ Muotipunk . It’s pressed in 200 copies only and there are stamps and ballpen drawings on the sleeves (which is either brown (liquor store sleeve) or cyan or white. The labels are stamped and with hand-written text. At this time Rattus was a punk act. A second 7″ followed with Fucking Disco in 1981. Both on their own label Hilipili Records. Being close to Tampere is they got in contact with Epe at Poko records and on that label they developed the more known Rattus hardcore sound with EP’s like Rajoitettu Ydinsota and the killer LP WC Räjähtää.

With regards of the statement from the web-page. I did not get this record of support or pity. Thre are two quite okey songs on it…

This is an e-bay purchase, I honestly try to stay away from eBay as I find the gradings terrible. This record has a scratch on side A which is very noticeable – but hey – it hard like hell to find so this copy is good enough for the time being.

The sleeve is a fold out sleeve.Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual all images and audio clips is from my record.

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