Skanstull – Inga Pengar Ingen Mat (1980)

November 19:th 2012 – Ska-band from Stockholm

Skanstull – Inga Pengar Ingen Mat

Hemliga Bolaget – HEM 004 – 1980- 7″

I’m posting mainly punk, hardcore and grindcore records on this web-site. Skanstull is more a ska act but they played with the KBD / punk bands in the early 80’s. This is the first of two seven-inch records that they released. They made an LP as well. I heard this record on a tape a long time ago and bought this cheap on an auction site. There were two Wretman-brothers in the band, the singer Thomas also played drums in Tejp and the drummer Mikael was also in Twist Off

There are two songs on this record: ♬ Inga Pengar Ingen Mat and ♬ Ett Steg Närmre. You punks may hate it but I like it.

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