Twist off – Good Swedish powerpop

August 2:nd 2012 – In Mint condition from seller Aku-Aku

Twist Off ‎– Kalla Trend

Sonet – T-10066 – 1982 – 7″

This is my third purchase on discogs from seller Aku-Aku. I have been buying Mint records from this seller and it’s true in this case. This record seems to be unplayed – what a beauty!!!

I complained in my last post the time it took to post records. However – my moron-friends seems to spend the whole day looking at insane London Olympic sports like horse and carriage or rifle shooting all day. If they can find the time for that – I will find time posting my third record of today

Twist off only made one release that I actually have head – this one! I picked up on one blog that the drummer Tomas Wretman is the son of the famous chef Tore Wretman. Anyhow – he was also the singer off Skanstull (still looking for that EP). On bass / guitar / vocals we will find two women Babban Hansson and Lusse Arve. Twist off made an additional 7″ in 1983 called Spader Ess (Ace of Spades) that I have not heard.

Before buying this record I made some research and found an article on Obscure Metal (sic) with a magazine clip – swedish reader can check it out …[more]

Anyhow two tunes Kalla trend (the better one) and Barn i främmade land (both 128 kbps) to listen to.

This release comes in pocket sleeve

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