Kaospilot – For your safety

August 2:nd 2012 – Norwegian screamo / HC

Kaospilot – For your safety

Nova Recordings – NOVA 012 – 2001 – 7″

When I started to post records one and a half month ago I did not really think about the volume of records that I buy. Now when I’m posting everything I buy I realize it’s a little bit more than I expected. I still have seven records in the queue and it feels like I post everyday. Anyhow – here’s Kaospilot from Norway

For Your Safety is the first release of this Oslo based hardcore band. They have made some more 7 inch and a couple of albums as well. This EP delivers what at screamo band should without sticking out in the crowd. On the Oslo or Bergen scene they are for sure a given success but in an international perspective there are more homogeneous bands around. Don’t take it wrong – it’s not bad, it’s just not great. If they would play in my city I would for sure be at the show and enjoy it. A False Hollywood Promise (128 kbps) is quite typical for this EP.

Sorry, but the scans is a little shady, had to use my iPhone as camera. / HC

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