Søt Hævn ‎– Asfaltparasitta (1981)

October 31:th 2012 – Tromsø punk

Søt Hævn ‎– Asfaltparasitta

Søt Recordz – Søt 10 – 1981- 7″

Søt Hævn was from Tromsø in Northern Norway a city where the center of whale hunting used to be. Today Tromsø is marketing itself as university city. The truth is that is a shit hole with dark winter and crappy service and expensive beer at the bar Skarven. You will most likely be served the local polar bear piss called Mack. If you have to drink that darn piss at least go to Mack’s Beer Hall where you can see a stuffed polar bear.

Shit holes are good fertilizer for great punk bands. The four song Asfaltparasitta from 1981 is a good example of this. In the late 70’s the cultural institution in Tromsø was controlled by communist and kreml style social democrats whom dictated which kind of music was okay to perform live. It’s needless to explain why Tromø was called the Beijing of the Nordic. Per Eirik Johansen singer in Søt Hævn said in an interview: Tromsø was possible the worst punk city in the world. Not only punk, but even rock’n’roll was forbidden at the clubs.

First out was Darris that made Sham 69 covers but they were never regocnized as a punk act. A more genuine act was Rattus (no – not the finnish band), later Flass which played at the first real punk gig. Johnny Asshole (Johnny Hanssen) in The Invalids claim that there was just impossible to get gigs in the regualar clubs. Later the punks formed the club Kvikk at an old country bar. The first gig was with Rattus, Noregs Bank and Veranda. As 1980 turned moved into 1981 the Invalids became Søt Hævn. First to cut vinyl was however Noregs Bank (1981) followed by Søt Hævn in February the same year. The band was dissolved a year later.

The members were Per Eirik Johansen (Vox), Johnny Hansen (guitar), Geir Strand (Drums), Erik Smith-Meyer (bass).

♬ Full EP Asfaltparasitta / Ka Så? / Latterkick / Hæks På Skaugum (MP3 320 kbps)

By the way – I have heard that the Invalids have recorded a demo. I would love to borrow a copy

The main source for this article is Rockheim.

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  1. Gisle mathisen

    Well i played bass most of the time søt hævn eksisted. me gisle mathisen bass geir strand drums RIP. johnny hansen guitar tor arild gudmunsen vocal guitar. the lineup on the record lasted just for a short time. And Tromsø wasn’t that bad for the bands, and the Mack beer it’s like allways great
    And then and now loads of bands playing …
    In memory of per eirik johansen and geir strand RIP

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