Parkering Forbudt – Åbent Brev Til Dronningen (1979)

October 29:th 2012 – Danish child-rock

Parkering Forbudt – Åbent Brev Til Dronningen

Medley Records- MdS 113- 1979- 7″

At occasions I buy records that I have no idea what it is, in this case hoping it would be an interesting KBD record. I paid a dollar for this one so I can afford taking a chance.

Parkering Forbudt (translation – no parking) was a child band from Denmark. Apparently the United Nations decided that 1979 should be the international child year. In Denmark a genre named børnerock was created as many child-band was formed that year. The Swedes would find this “progg” as fuck. The single Åbent brev til Dronningen (translation – Public Letter To The Queen) was their first release followed by an LP the same year. Apparently they also played at the large stage at the Roskilde the same year. Cozy!!!

Here is the title song ♬ Åbent Brev Til Dronningen (MP3 320 kbps)

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