Quiet Men / Quiet

October 28:th 2012 – Reggae and punkbeat

Quiet Men was from Gävle in Sweden and started in 1978 with two pairs of brothers, the Bjöklunds (vox and drums) and the Janssons (from PF Commando). The EP No One is Quiet is a bizarre mix of reggae, punk beat like ♬ No One and a Devo cover of ♬ Mongoloid . Mongoloid was also on the on Killed by Death 51 LP.. Here you can hear the full EP ♬ Full EP

Before the EP was recorded one of the Jansson decided to focus on PF Commando. Later the other brother left the band and Quiet Men became a reggae/ rock act under the name Quiet . They made some singles of which ♬ Snacket É Slut / ♬ Monopoliserade Sanningar is posted here.

All music files are in MP3 320 kbps.

Quiet Men ‎– No One Is Quiet

Quiet Records – QM 001- 1979- 7″

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Quiet ‎– Snacket É Slut / Monopoliserade Sanningar

Mamma – TS 003- 1980- 7″

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  1. Martin

    I think the Quiet Men ep is more than decent, and surprisingly hard to find. Think I’ve seen a handful for sale over the years. I’ve definitely seen more copies of Vårdad Klädsel, Anarkist Attack, Svenne Pop etc that should be harder to find. Maybe this 7″ was just a local hit and therefore never got as recognised as other more popular bands that you’ll have to pay top dollars for today. Not saying that this one is as good as the other ones mentioned, but still.

  2. the editor

    Interesting most of the recent copies are from Gävle (where they were active). Honestly – they sold most at them at gigs and they were very popular. PF Commando for example (from the same city) was sold around the country. The local copies were most likley discarded by the buyers. Also – I persume they used the same pressing plant (have not looked at the matrix which plant it is) so 300 copies are most likley ??

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