P-Nissarna – Jugend (1980)

July 22nd 2014 – Top 10 Swedish punker

P-Nissarna – Jugend

RIP records – RR 02 – 1980 – 7″


With no doubts, this is one of the top 10 punk records in Sweden. Hailed from Falun, Sweden, in the Dalarna region P-Nissarna was one of the first band from this city. Per Fender (vox), R.I.P. and Tomas Modig (guitar) had been fooling around with a few punk bands already back in 1977 but magic happened with P-Nissarna. After a few trail / errors members Jan “Carlzone” Carlsson started to play drums and Mats “Määts” Åkesson took the bass position. 1980 was also the dawn of local punk scene in the region. In the closest city, Borlänge – Brülbåjz has also started to play and the scene in Gävle was really good with bands like PF Commando and Bisex-B. The band was contacted by Jeppe Ekholm at RIP records (same RIP as the fanzine) which released this record. The band had to pay for the recording which was done in Gävle Ljudstudio, an hour drive of Falun. This studio is credited for many early punk recordings like PF Commando’s first EP. The track on side A ♬ Jugend (MP3 320 kbps) is criticism about Hitler Jugend. The constant hailing in chorus caused the listeners of the regional radio station to block all phone lines with complaints. As a result the band was invited to the radio station to explain the song. The first song out on the B-side is ♬ Plastic (MP3 320 kbps) which is about Plastic Bertrand being a sell-out. My favorite is however ♬ Benzin (MP3 320 kbps), a track that even named the compilation series “Vägra Raggarna Benzin” from Massproduktion, Sundsvall. It translate “Refuse the Raggare petrol referring to the very Swedish combination of rockabilly rednecks (raggare)which cruised around in old American cars (raggarbilar), doin’ their best beating up everything that looked weird; immigrant, homosexuals (everyone who liked disco basically and punks was high on list of people who required a serious beating. Back in the 70’s and very early 80’s shitsloads of them and they could show up at punk shows prepared to give punks a serious bashing. The region where P-Nissarna was one of their stronghold. P-Nissarna was not alone making songs about “raggare”, Rude Kids had “Raggare is a bunch of motherfuckers” and PF Commando had a song called “Raggare” on their first EP “Svenne Pop”. By the way; P-Nissarna is weird joke with the word “Penisarna” (the penises), a twist of the Sex Pistols. They boys in the band were quite young when the EP was released. Per Modig must have been around 16-17 years old and had played guitar for less than 6 month. The most experienced seems to be the drummer “Calzone”.

With the line-up form the EP the band continued up to 1982. 30 gigs all in all, mostly in the region. Before calling it a day, the band made another recording; again at Gävle Ljudstudio in 1982, now with Stefan “Sloback” Lindau on vox. Two of these songs appeared on Really Fast Vol. 1 and the full session is found on the EP Världskrig III which released as late as 1989 (on Really Fast). The band has since 2004 made some reunions. I saw them playing 2011 with PF Commando, HS Art and Los Bohemos. I really hate some re-unions but they really positively surprised me….

Finally, a funny story – at least I think so. A long time ago I went the Dalarna region for an “unofficial” reunion of Sune Studs and Grönlandsrockarna. As I arrived to the supposed venue one hour to early I started fooling around with a small MP3-player and a FM transmitter trying to play the MP3’s on my radio in the car. I had only transferred one song to the MP3 player and that was Benzin by P-Nissarna. I played it over and over again trying to tune the radio for best sound. Next to me a car was parked and the driver first looked / stared at me and after like 40 minutes he came over, knocked on the window and said: Hey what the fuck is going on here!? I was Per Modig and he thought that I harassed him in some bizarre way. – By the way – Sune Studs was awesome that night …. did not expect anything else!

If you are looking for this record, check with Kenrock which has a nice re-issue of this rough diamond.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record. The sleeve is a two-piece sleeve.

Front and rear sleve


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