Brülbåjz – Dödens Apostlar (1980)

October 4:th 2012 – Pre Sator Codex

Brülbåjz – Dödens Apostlar

Prylén Records – PRYL 001- 1980- 7″

Brülbåjz is a referens to the “raggare” who made best to beat up the punks in the steel city of Borlänge , Sweden. I know some stuff about this band. 1) They are great, 2) It consisted of members that later would form Sator Codex and later Sator. Just as I bought the record there was an article posted on a blog on the early Borlänge punk scene. But for those of you that don’t understand Swedish … here is the story …

Much thanks to Peter Kagerland book about the Swedish punk between 1977 and 1982 we are not only happy to read about all the bands in the book, the newspapers are also writing articles about the local scene for these years. Brülbåjz with the bass player Chips Kiesbye started in 1979 in Borlänge. First they got the punk-look and attitude and learned to play music along the way. The first gig was at the library in the neighbour city Falun, which was such a chaotic event that the band took a pause for a couple for months before reforming. At that time the members were Chips Kiesbye (bass), Peo Eriksson (guitar), Micke Olsson, today Solén (drums) and Mikael ”Weine” Weinestad (vocals). The band reharsed daily when not been busy avoiding raggare (Borlänge is in the region Dalarna which was infested by raggare in those days – and still so) and hanging around with the other 20 – 30 punks. Inspired by other punk bands they went to Stockholm and recorded this 7 inch record – Dödens Apposlar (translation the Apostles of Death). It was pressed in 500 copies and it took 10 years to sell all copies. Today this recordis much sought after among the collector scums. This record was the last thing the band did before calling it a day

Chips och Peo and formed Sator Codex which became Sator and Micke Olsson also joined. I think that you can hear the embryo of Sator Codex on this record, mainly on the title song.

I was bidding on this record on an audtion and got an e-mail from a collector that told me that there are inserts in some copies. I also learned that the inserts was made some few years after the release. It also seems like the band used a magic marker to silver colour the outer line of the band name on the front sleeve, until they got board and stopped. Thanks Martin for the info.

Here are the songs : Dödens Apostlar, ♬ EAP, ♬ Underhållningsvåld (all 320 kpbs).

Click on the images to expand them to a higher resolution. I don’t know who to give credit to the picture of the band by the way

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