Betong Hysteria – Spontan Abort (1982)

October 3:rd 2012 – The first Norwegian hardcore EP

Betong Hysteria ‎– Spontan Abort

Mind Expanding Records – MES 04- 1982- 7″

Betong Hysteria (translation Concrete Hysteria) was formed in Oslo, Norway in 1981 and existed for a couple of years. I believe this record is the first full-blown Norwegian hardcore EP (recorded in 1981 but released in 1982).

It’s a good mid-tempo angry hardcore record that I really enjoy. There is also a re-issue as well and a bootleg also for those who are not willing to spend the money for the first press. The singer Geir Brurok made some dubious statememts and was at time linked to the neo-nazi movement but later revoked any earlier statements. Good – otherwise it would not be part of my collection.

Full EP (320 kbps)

Songs: Face A Snuten Kommer / Du Er Et Ledd I, Face B Det Er Bare Løgn / Mitt Eget Liv / Sipoene Ser Deg.

For those of you who enjoyed this Norwegian hardcore record should check out the 1984 Svart Framtid EP or the Bannlyst EP from 1985.

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  1. Thomas

    Classic one – and the guttaral Norwegian language fits perfectly for angry Hardcore-Punk!
    I had the skull with the word Betong above and the other word Hysteria below painted on the left arm of my leatherjacket in 1982, soon after I bought this 7″ep for 6,- Deutschmarks, although the skull was (and is!) forbidden to show (& wear, of course) here in Germany since WWII (like the swastika), because the skull was the sign of the SS during the days of the 3rd Reich.
    But to my surprise I got never any complaints or troubles back in 1982 by German police officers or fellow citizens.
    Even in school noboby cares about the painted leatherjacket of an 18 year old young Hardcore-Punk with spiked hairs.

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