Giftgasattack – Deadly Future (2012)

October 2:nd 2012 – The bloody flexi-discs these days

Giftgasattack ‎– Deadly Future

Noxious Noize! Records – NONO-006- 2012- Sq 7″ Flexi

I bloody hate flexi discs these days. Some 20 years ago the quality was not good but these days they are terrible. Noise core band Giftgasattack does a good job however – here with clear Japanese influences. I wish I could enjoy the record but this two sided square flexi is to wrapped that it’s almost impossible to play it. It’s not the first flexi I bought that has this problem. Here are some pieces of ♬ side 2 (128 kbps). I had to find a site to download the whole flexi to enjoy it.

The swedish band Giftgasattack started in 97 /98 and they have made a couple of vinyl albums and EP’s, most of it on D-takt & Råpunk records. Brutal mayhem with shitload of distorsion. Noisecore is really very special genere with a few but enthiuastic fans. Here’s one – I would be even happier if I actually could listen to the flexi.

Here is an inteview with the band (in swedish) and and you can listen to them on myspace as well. I would however recommend you buy their records.

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  1. Adam

    Neeej, GGA drog igång runt 2004 eller så!

  2. Adam

    Fel av mig , 2007 var det!

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