Harass – Innocent (1995)

August 5th 2014 – No-one seems to know anything

Harass – Innocent

Not On Label – Harras 01 – 1995 – 7″

You know for sure what you get when a band have song titles like (translated): Warsystem, H-bomb, War Children and Why must Children Die?. D-beat strongly influenced by the mightily Discharge. This band was from Uppsala, Sweden and I realize that I know little about them. This seems to be their only release (there is apparently a demo prior this). Thy guys are from the sticks of Uppsala, played mainly locally and where on the Uppsala Crust Compilation seven inch from 1996. I have had this in the collection for some years but I have noticed that it appear on several want-lists. I week ago I got a question from USA to find this record and the going rate some to be 100 bucks. This is strange as the sell for nothing here in Sweden. One American guy said that is a very low press (like 200 copies) or that most copies were destroyed. Some D-beat version of Shas or Kez 57 punk records. The only way to solve the mystery is to contact a few members of Diskonto and Abuse but it resulted in answers like: Yeah – we played with the once.

So this is what we know (thanks Steffe); the band was from Funbo outside Uppsala. Jeppe on vox, Manson on guitar, Tommy on bass. No-one seems to remember the drummers name but the fold-out sleeve says “Aren” but I believe his real name was Martin. What most people tell is that Tommy’s father was not too happy with the look of his punk jacket and put fire on it. In an interview he had got a new one, but this one only had 3 studs on it. Jeppe real name was Jesper Spåra and had the unusual combination of mohawk and sideburns.

And hell – the EP is good – listen to it: ♬ Full EP (MP3 320 kbps)

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record. The record is not pictured as it is a white label.

Front and rear sleeve

Fold-out Sleeve

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  1. Simon

    Ha, I remember buying this in Toronto circa 1996. God knows what happened to it, most likely sold it for a dollar by 1998 and never thought of it again.

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