No Security ‎– 40-Talisterna (1988)

April 18:th 2013 – Solid Swedish hardcore

No Security ‎– 40-Talisterna

Studiefrämjandet ‎– SFRS 611 – 1988 – 7″

No Security from Eskilstuna (one hour drive east of Stockholm, Sweden) delivers a solid hardcore record. The band was formed back in 1985 and spit out a few demos before this release. Among the most “famous” members is Harri Mänty who later became a member of Kent , a “world-known” (in Sweden) indie band. On drums we will find Jari “Jallo” Lehto that was editor of the Fanzine Sika Äpärä. The zine was most likley the most political incorrect zine and included some serious mocking.

We are not 100% sure if this really is an image of the band.

This release is on Studiefrämjandet which is part of the Swedish political education system (loosely). I presume the that the band organized a training program (rehearsals) called “studiecirkel” and and by so got the opportunity to release this record. Hard to understand for non-Swedes. Studiefrämjandet is linked to the old Swedish farmers partly indicating these Swede-Finns was a bunch of Bonnläppar (translation – Hillbillies) – joke. The EP was later released by Chickenbrain Records. A split-EP with Cruel Maniax followed and later a split-LP with Doom and also with Valvontakomissio. For collector-scums it could be good to know that the last split also have a miss-press with the wrong master-tape.

A rule of thumb – if you ever run into a record by No Security – Buy it!!

♬ Full EP (MP3 320 kbps)

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