Electric Deads – Mind Bomb (1983)

April 27:th 2013 – Top notch DK / HC

Electric Deads – Mind Bomb

Electro Static Records ‎– 3 DEADS – 1983 – 7″

There are not too many band in the first wave of Danish Hardcore. Electric Deads was one of them and this, the last of their 3 EP’s, is in my opinion their best – and I would say the best hardcore release out of Denmark. With Kevin on guitar and Bibbi on vox. The song Fish in a Pool as also on the MMR 1984 compilation.

Before this the band released the Electric Deads EP in 1982 (which also had Fish in a Pool on it in a another version), check out the KBD Records post. It was followed by the Anti-Sex EP in 1983. For me, Electric Deads is not a band I noticed after they had quit and I actually heard them on the MMR 1984 compilation the first time. It was not until a few years ago I actually understood they had made 3 EPs, I always thought it was two. Thanks internet. This copy is a combo of two records. Having complete releases is important to me, so I combined a nice sleeve / record that did not have the inserts with another record / sleeve in decent condition that had the inserts. The left-overs I then sold. Before that I scanned the inserts and added them into that copy for a buyer that was not too picky having the original inserts.Enjoy!!

♬ Full EP (MP3 320 kbps) – check the images below for song titles.

BTW – all the EP’s by Electric Deads have been re-issued on Noise And Distortion Records,

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record. The promo flyer was not really part of the release..

Front and Rear Sleeve


Lyric insert

Promo insert


  1. Anonymous

    Bought this new from Anderz/Boston Tea Party. Great ep. Bibi later sang in Misanthropic Charity wich was good bot not as good as the ED. Only missing the first ED ep originally but got the re-issue of all the eps as well.

  2. XX

    Masterpiece, sadly never had any chance to find original copy for acceptable price..too bad these records usually didn’t made it through the iron courtain back in 80’s

  3. Facebook comment

    Amazing band, and I’m still baffled that they came from Denmark.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, bought that way down in the ’80s, but have never seen the flyer. That IS cool!

  5. Anonymous

    Produceret af ingen ringere end Johnny C., der faldt i rockgryden som barn og derfor snart smækker mere råååk ud i hovedet på sagesløse…..!

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