Nebenwirkung / Dis-Organized Bunch Of Fuckers – S/T (1985)

May 1:st 2013 – Bremen hardcore

Nebenwirkung / Dis-Organized Bunch Of Fuckers – S/T

Pøbel Records ‎– PR 001 – 1985 – LP

I have since a kid developed a serious aversion against German punks. It’s originate from the Roskilde Festival in 1985 when my and friend’s tent got squatted by two stoned, face-tattooed, drunk, toothless and smelly german punks that apparently could not make a difference of their own tent and ours. Hardly being a teenagers it was quite frightening experience. However – I enjoyed the Ramones that year but I remembered that I thought that both the Clash and Nina Hagen sucked.

This pattern of frightening encounters with German punks repeated over the years. In 1988, I had a German punk first stealing all my beer (assuming he was out of Hansa-pils), pissing on my pals back-packs (being quite drunk now), later punching me and my friends and finally after apologizing and smoking excessive amount of pot he decided to pass-out in my sleeping bag. Staying in military tent with some other scandi-punks we decided to take the removable speakers of our boom-box and duct it to his head, playing Napalm Deaths “Scum” on repeat on maximum volume, then going to see a concert. Apparently the pot was strong stuff and he was still sleeping 3 hours later – with the speakers still taped on his head. It all ended with winding the guy in multiple layers of duct tape and filling his underwear with smoked Danish fish and dropping him in ditch. However – being nice we help removing the duct tape as he woke up and the guy left with possible even smellier underwear than when he came.

Luckily I have found out there are some good German hardcore bands out there and certainly Vorkriegsjugend (West Berlin), Inferno (Augsburg) and Blod + Eisen (Hannover) are worth checking out.

Both Nebenwirkung translation – side effect and Dis-Organized Bunch Of Fuckers were from Bremen. My knowledge of the bands is limited. Nibenwirkung put out an EP in 1984 on the Bremen punk label Heimat. This release is however basically a self-release.

And the music? Here is ♬ 3 first tracks (Nebenwirkung) (MP3 320 kbps) and ♬ 3 first tracks (Dis-Organized Bunch Of Fuckers) (MP3 320 kbps).

I can see that the B-label state: Drinkers in the world – unite!. I wonder if not the Roskilde punk was from Bremen? Seems plausible.

For more on German punk check out Manzanars list on Rate Your Music. There is also an interesting article on Bremen punk in Underdog issue 14.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record. The sleeve is a poster sleeve.

Front and Rear Sleeve

Poster sleeve, front and rear


Lyric insert

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  1. Thomas

    First of all, I have to write, that myself being a German and a Punk in the 80’s I often had an aversion against most of the German Punks in the 80’s because of their asshole attitude, cliche behaviour and stupid haircuts.
    Anyway, I saw the Dis-Organized Bunch of Fuckers (short: D.B.F.) and Nebenwirkung, but I’m not sure about the 2nd, at the ‘Sort Jul'(Black Xmas)-festival in Sonderborg in Denmark in December 1985, where a big crowd of around 120 Punksters from Bremen from the notorious ‘Anti-Skin-Liga'(Anti-Skin-League) showed up, too.
    Being a natural born & living Punk from Hamburg it could be dangerous, because of football rivalry, Punk gang rivalry etc. going on between Bremen vs. Hamburg, which still runs today.
    As far as I remember the Punks from Bremen caused total mayhem in the little city of Sonderborg – they went totally bersek, because most of them were loaded. The Danish riot squad came and closed the venue of the festival, so no one could get outside anymore. But inside the venue the situation getting out of hand and the Bremen crowd thrashed the place.
    Needless to write, that the Danish people were not amused.

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