MRR – Welcome To 1984

August 23:rd 2012 – A killer compilation LP

Welcome To 1984 – MMR Compilation

Maximumrocknroll – MRR 001 – 1984- LP”

This compilation album contains 23 bands from 17 countries. It’s just great. I found it in a record store in Near Mint condition – It’s my second copy – the old vinyl had to retire! Reading on the back side MMR talk about a future in which we are more and more monitored by computers. Frankly it could not be more true! For me Maximumrocknroll is still a great guide to hardcore. I always try to pick up copy as soon as I get hold on one.

There are some good stuff here. I’m a big fan of Terveet Kädet who have ♬ Outo Maa (128 kbps) on this record. It’s followed by ♬ Nada (128 kbps) with Ohlo Seco from Sao Paulo in Brazil. This is honestly one of my top 10 hardcore songs. Ohlo Seco was influenced by Discharged but also by Terveet Kädet. Danish Electric Deads have ♬ Fish In A Pool (128 kbps) on this LP. They relased a 5 song EP that I have never got my hands on – have to keep searching for it. Well there are shitload of great stuff on this records. This is what I did! I recorded face A and B for you to listen to – enjoy!

Complete tracklist – click on each link to listen (128 kbps)

Face A : Terveet Kädet – Outo Maa / Olho Seco – Nada / Crucifucks, The – Annual Report / Electric Deads – Fish In A Pool / Inferno – Perfekter Mensch / Kidnap – No S.S. / N.O.T.A. – Propaganda Control / Icons Of Filth – Evilspeak / R.I.P. – Anti-Militar / Skjit-Lars – Verrückt In Der Kontrol-Zentrale / Rattus – Reaganin Joululahja

Face B : Raw Power – Fuck Authority / Bristles – Don’t Give Up / Depression – What A Strange World / B.G.K. – Computer Control / Stalin, The – Chicken Farm / Frites Modern – Je Bent Een Puist In Mijn Nek / U.B.R. – Harmonija / Mayhem – I Defy / Red Tide – Incubator Slide / Moral Demolition – Police State / Huvudtvätt – Where Is? / Upright Citizens – Stand Up

As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. In this case you can even read the small text on the rear and on the inner sleeve.

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