The Pain – Feel the Pain (1978)

August 22:nd 2012 – Swedish Pistols, eh ?

Pain, The ‎– Feel The Pain

Kaos – KAOS 001 – 1978- 7″

I have not been a big collector of Swedish Punk prior 1981/82. Some of my friends complain at my houseparty the lack of records before those years. So here one – so stop to windge Åke!!!

The Pain was not one of my top Swedish bands but friends that are some years older than me are big fans. They tell me that The Pains shows in Stockholm was awesome and their attitude was impressive in the late 70’s. This was in the end of the Swedish “progg-era” and a Sex Pistols influenced “I don’t give a shit” band was of course refreshing at that time. They made another 7″ in 1979 (Next Time Ego). In 1981 all members had moved over to other bands like Chatterbox.

I got this EP together with a few others from seller Zoogin on discogs. A reliable source of nice condition Scandinavian punk vinyl.

Here is ♬ Body Snatchers (128 kbps) from this 4 song EP. If someone have forgotten – the audio rips are always from my own records.

As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.


  1. Martin

    Pretty interesting that you have à lesser interest in swepunk pre 81/82. Personally i think it got more and more uninteresting after those years, with a few exceptions of course. I guess you’re more into the hardcore aspect of punk than I am.

  2. the editor

    Actually I’m developing my interest in pre 81/82 swedish punk. It’s a gold mine to be honest. I was grown up with band like Anti-Cimex, Raped Teenagers, Krunch etc so thats my starting point. I now kind of moving into two opposite directions. One beeing the KBD style (swedish / finish mainly). I owe KBD Records all for this as this site help me to find good music (well maybe not the finish side). The other thing I also love is grindcore and black metal (the later will not be posted here however). Thanks for reading my post by the way.
    Finally – It seems like it mandatory to like the Pain. Some of my friends got pissed off with my cool interest. I might develop as an individual and hope that I will aquire as sophisicated taste like yours 😉 // the editor

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