Jonström – P3 (1979)

August 24:th 2012 – Great Swedish KBD – at least side A

Jonström – P3 / Inte Vända Mig Om

Tropic Dream – TD-001 – 1979- 7″

Jonström was from Stockholm and this is the only vinyl they put out. The song P3 is about Swedish Radio Channel 3. For a non-Swede it needs an explanation. In these days we only had three radio channels in Sweden and two TV channels – all controlled by a government appointed board. Media was full of people from the “progg-movement” giving guidelines on what is good music and bad music. Norway was worse – only one state channel – no need for a remote control!!!.

Anyhow – the song P3 is all about this – shitty music on the radio. If you take a good look at the rear sleeve you can see the the band carrying a bomb outside the swedish broadcasting building. I guess they where quite successful as the punk / alternative radio show Ny Våg started the broadcasting in August 1980. I really like this dirty song. I did not rip the B-side Inte Vända Mig Om, it’s just shit.

I got this Near Mint condition record from Thrash Palace Stockholm – thanks!

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