Svart Snö – their first EP (1989)

August 27:th 2012 – Uproar

Svart Snö ‎– Ren, Säker Och Billig!

Finn Records – FR 001 – 1993- 7″ – RP

Svart Snö (translation – Black Snow) was a hardcore or rather a “käng” band from Stockholm. If anyone is unsure of the genre they represented, the band make a statement on their first release from 1989 (the re-press is from 1993) by writing “Käng” on the matrix. Sweden is he haven for the käng genre, for sure. A lot of the older punks claim that Swedish hardcore did not develop after 1986. I’m quite ambivalent to this. I believe that I myself it did develop. The older innovative hardcore bands quit and their fans got older, started to study, work or whatever. Today bunches of books have been written about 70’s punk band that wrote songs like Now I want to sniff some glue and addresses the brilliant minimalism of the lyrics. Well they made good job and but most important was the starting point for a relay race of ideas and visions for the world we live in. To be stuck in nostalgia is a dangerous thing but standing on the shoulders of giants could be good. Remember – Most people know that the Sturm und Drang romantic idea was fertilizing a much worse political movement. As from now I will never complain about any band that address my vision (not romantic) and want to take the baton. I might not always enjoy the music but for sure the passion and energy.

DELTE, DELETE, DELETE – Where is the delete button.??? Did I write this pompous and sententious shit ??? Myself being the most non coherent person, spitting out one-liners daily – who the hell made me President?

Well … I know one thing for sure – If You where 15 – 16 years old and liked hardcore in Sweden around 1989 Svart Snö was for sure something that inspired you. As a band they where political and there was no confusion about their message. It might be käng – whatever. If you ask my friends some few years younger than me think they kick-ass and they deserve to be posted. Among all the vinyl Svart Snö made I like this first release the most.

Okey – short about the band (stolen from the Svart Snö web-page). Svart Snö (Black Snow) was formed in April 1987 in the suburbs of Stockholm. The line up has been the same since the start, and so be it! The music has always been aggressive Rock, Hardcore/Punk, with influences like: Poison Idea, Discharge, Elvis Presley, MDC and similar. We’ve always had lyrics with political and social topics with a pinch of humour and irony mixed in. We try not to write the typical anti this anti that kind of lyrics which flourish in the punk scene throughout the world. All our lyrics are in Swedish and will stay that way, but in our records there are always English translations included. Svart Snö has had approximately 200 gigs, most of them in Sweden. We have also had two European tours, the first together with HIATUS (Belgium) in 1992, in Germany, Luxemburg, Holland and Belgium. The second tour in 1994 was together with GREENSCAB from Malmö in Germany, Czech Rep. Slovenia, Italy, Belgium and Holland. Denmark and Finland, our nearest neighbours, has also been harassed by us a couple of times. The bulk of the gigs has been at D.I.Y. clubs and squats, a scene which we support and feel familiar with, since it gives an alternative to the growing money-making music business, which more and more so called Punk bands seems to join i.e. signing to major labels and so forth. Svart Snö’s primary goal is to entertain happy, nice people and to irritate mean, cynical people. Our hate is Real and NOT FOR SALE! Hitherto we’ve made three ep:s and three full-length albums and contributed to a couple of compilation records and tapes, more about that in the discography. Further releases will be announced when the time comes. See you where ever you are, and thanx for reading this page. /// Love from Piffen, Fabbe, Tonken and Peken.

All the songs: ♬ Det Hände ÄndåMoralkakorDöda MigRen, Säker Och Billig! (all 128 kbps). The title of the EP refers to nuclear power and the title translates into Clean, Safe and Cheap. In general the whole EP has typical käng-lyrics. This is by the way the first release from Finn Records.

This release comes with two inserts. The red lyric insert is printed on both side. It’s a white label so only one side of the record is pictured. As usual you can click on the images to expand them to higher resolution.

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