Antidote‎– Thou Shalt Not Kill (1983)

December 14 2014 – NYHC at it’s best

Antidote ‎– Thou Shalt Not Kill

Antidote Records ‎– ARI-1 – 1983 – 7″

There was a “friend” of Facebook that wrote a long comment about how bad this record was. Let’s say we are not friends anymore. New York and the Jersey Shore had the best hardcore scene on the planet. In the first years of the 80’s there was not a single bad record pressed. Period!

After this clear statement, let’s focus on one of the best ones – Antidote and Thou Shalt Not Kill was released in 1983 which is the same year as Abused, Cause for Alarm, Agnostic Front put out there records. An amazing year. Antidote will give you 8 songs within 10 minutes. It’s fast and angry, I love the voice of Louie Rivera and the aggressive guitars by Robb Nunzio; the man who formed the band. In interviews he specifically mentions Black Flag’s first EP as the main influence. Louie left the band pretty soon after the EP was released in the summer for 1983, replaced by Drew Stone who is the vocalist up to this day. The guys behind the bass and the drums had a background in Misfits (someone might need to correct me).

This release comes in a glued pocket sleeve, true DIY with glue residue. On the insert it was possible to order a T-shirt. It seems to have been sold out quickly as most had the information crossed out. The one who have followed this site know that I, the editor, am a sucker for first pressings. If there is any sleeve versions etc, the editor always want the first version. I have seen copies for sale many times but it did not have the insert or the insert was crossed out. Also the sleeve is oversized so it’s a bitch to find a nice copy, most copies are quite beat up. I would not say this copy is perfect in any way, but I’m very very happy with it.

Once again, enough with the writing, here an excellent slab from New York! But before saying -enjoy! – a word of warning – make sure you put away stuff you are careful with – it’s a major risk you might you in two minutes will find yourself on a table screaming and side-kicking large holes in the dry-wall.

♬ 8 song EP (MP3 320 kbps) Songs: Life As One / Nazi Youth / Real Deal / Foreign Job-Lot / Zero Mentality / Got Me On The Line / Die At War / Something Must Be Done

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual, he rips and images are from my record.

Front and rear sleeve




  1. h.c. fan

    the 1st nyhc records -mob,kraut,, were not that highly regarded at the time and the“mutha“ bands practically unheard of until collectors hyped it a decade later.. this is a great record

  2. Chano

    You’re right: the drummer on this ep is Googy, who played on “Walk Among Us” by the Lodi Ghouls.

  3. Robb Nunzio

    I have an original first pressing sleeve. It was the first one off the printing press, or the ‘test press sleeve’. Its printed before the Antidote logo went to green.

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