Cause For Alarm – S/T (1983)

May 18:th 2013 – A NY HC classic

Cause For Alarm – S/T

Not On Label – CFA⋅001 ‎– 1983 – 7″

Cause For Alarm first EP is one of my favorite early New York hardcore releases. Mats Nilsson of Huvudtvätt seems to think the same and I believe that’s a good advice to follow!

As a band they had some line-up changes but the center of gravity was always Keith Burkhardt . On this EP you will find Rob Kabula and Alex Kinon that later ended up in Agnostic Front. I believe they dropped of somewhat frustrated with Keith devotion to Khrisna beliefs.

Despite this change Keith continued to push the band for more than 20 years and made among other releases a split with Warzone.

I have been told there is a bootleg / counterfeit on this release. The labels look different on that one

♬ Full EP (MP3 320 kbps) . Check images for track-titles.

Oh yeah! I got this record at Trash palace in Stockholm

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record.

Front and rear sleeve

Front fold out

Front fold out

Lyrics – blow-up


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