Execute – S/T (1983)

December 13 2014 – Raw Tokyo hardcore

Execute – S/T

DOA Records ‎– DOAR-001 – 1983 – Flexi

All genres peak early, followed by uninspiring copy-cats. As for hardcore, the golden years were 1981 – 1983. Execute hailed from Tokyo Japan and made according to eye witness notorious shows. This is their first release (also called the “A – Z flexi” or the “Go to Hell flexi”) and it’s a killer. It’se of those flexis giving me the goose bumps. It is said that there is a live tape circulating prior the flexi, but I don’t know if it’s an official release.

Execute formed already back in 1982 and the most known member is the guitarist Lemmy, who is also to some extent responsible for the bands later transformation into a more Goth-sound.

In 1984 Execute put out the Hardcore Temptation seven is which is a killer as well. The 3 following 7- inches are decent but not more.

This flexi can drive collectors crazy as only 500 copies were made in combination with 3 main sleeve versions (Snake Eye sleeve, Go to Hell sleeve and Hanging corpse sleeve). Within each sleeve version there are small differences among them so it’s said there are 7+ unique sleeve design.

As many bands at the time, the flexi format was chosen as it was quite expensive to cut vinyl in Japan in the early 80. For a Westerner collector is might seems strange that many of these copies are still close to Mint condition. However – many Japanese punks did not see the flexi as a format to be used on the turntable, rather they recorded the flexi into tapes and used the tapes when listening to the music.

Enough about the writing, there the flexi, a raw – almost insane release – it’s a killer!

♬ Side A (MP3 320 kbps) Songs: A-Z / Answer / Laughin’ Child / M.O.P. / Go To Hell.

♬ Side AA (MP3 320 kbps) Songs: Go To Hell / Inside Of Human / Outside Of Human / God Damn / Ah/ Blood Rain / Peace Japan.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. As usual, he rips and images are from my record. Of the sleeves below, the “Go to Hell” sleeve is a Xerox whilst the other ones are legit.

The snake eye sleeve (legit)

The hanging corpse sleeve (legit)

Go to hell sleeve (Xerox)

The flexi

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  1. mark

    i used to trade records with lemmy in 84/85 never got this though! apparently he gave his whole collection away during the 90`s..

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