Feber – S/T (1981)

December 11th 2014 – With Gunnar Nuven on vox

Feber‎– S/T

Tempererte Plater ‎– T.P.S.-81-0001 – 1980 – 7″

Norway might not have the most well-known punk scene on the planet, but there are a few really good records out there. This one is really interesting as it the first band with the Norwegian punk legend: Vocalist – Gunnar Nuven.For those that don’t know the 101 on Norwegian punk, he was also in Svart Framtid (the 1984 EP is possible the best hardcore record of out Norway – ever – period), Kafka Process, So Much Hate and more recently the Bone-Idlers.

Feber’s, translation “Fever” sound was a little bit rougher than most of the other punk bands at the time, but it would be a stretch to claim it’s hardcore. It would however be fair to claim that it’s great!

♬ Full EP (MP3 320 kbps) Songs: Full Kontroll / Stimulans / (Blir Det) Krig /Drøm Eller Mareritt.

Click on the images to expand them to higher resolution. The rips and images are from my record.

Front and rear sleeve


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